My Grand Daughter  

And now I come to tell regrding my granddaughter, the little Tushi, the Great Dipanki Mukherjee Pabreja born on 29.1.2001 at Delhi. Sometimes her love and affection towards me appears to be that of my mother. She knows my weakness in this regard and tries to take full advantage of the same.

Tushi alias Dipanki is a student of Delhi Public School, Faridabad.
She is very fond of my wife whom she calls as "Amma". She is taught by her mother, my daughter Luna and my son in law Rajeev. Tushi is good in her studies. She has a great love for free hand drawings and classical dances. In spare times she plays computer games. In most other times, except for sleeping, she bosses over everybody near to her and talks and speaks and lectures.

I call my grand daughter by the name "DADO"