My Father  
My father late Shri Jogish Chandra Mukhopadhyay was born in 1898 A.D. in village Dheukhali of Madaripur subdivision in Faridpur District of the undivided India. Presently this area is in Bangladesh. My father actually used the title of Chakrabarty and his name as recorded in his service books was Shri Jogish Chandra Chakrabarty. As heard from him, this title of "Chakrabarty" was given by the then East India Company to our ancestors who were zamindars. Our original title was however Mukherjee or Mukhopadhyay.
After the abolishment of zamindari systems we stopped using the title of Chakrabarty and hence I myself only use the title of "Mukhopadhyay" or "Mukherjee".
My father was not only a brilliant student and a scholar, he was a "genius" in true sense. My grandfather Late Shri Sridhar Chakrabarty was a Medical Practitioner. He was a very kind hearted person. Whenever a poor patient used to visit him, along with the prescription, he used to give him medicines also free of cost. However, my father had to face hard financial struggle even for continuing his studies. He had to earn his expenditure for studies in college in Calcutta by giving tuitions to other students and thus he was not able to devote his full time for his own studies. A part of the money that he earned from tuitions, was also sent by my father to his parents.

In the Entrance examination of those days,  my father got 559 marks. The first boy got 565 marks. Though the difference of marks between the first boy and my father was only of six marks, but my father stood eleventh in the merit list.
Since my father could not come within the first ten students, he got a scholarship of Rs 10.00 per month in stead of Rs 15.00 per month. This loss of Rs 5.00 per month was shocking to him and he used to express the same to us in his later days too. 
My father after passing out the Entrance examination went to City College, Kolkata and appeared in the Intermediate Arts (IA) of Kolkata University in which he stood third in the University Merit List. He thereafter studied in the Presidency College, Kolkata with English (Honours) and got First Class in B.A. Examination of Kolkata University. 
My father was a Bengal Civil Service officer and was posted in different districts in undivided Bengal and also in West Bengal after independence. As I was the youngest of all my brothers and sisters, I only saw the last leg of his service. I remember the natural beauty of Mayurakshi River in District Birbhum where my father was posted when I  was nine years old. I also went to Shantiniketan with my father and came to know about Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore.
My father had the attack of Coronary Thrombosis, on 23.8.1964 and left his body at 7.20 p.m. on the 24th August in the year 1964 in our house at C.I.T Road, Entally, Calcutta in the presence of myself, my mother and others at his bedside.  
Though he used to remain busy whole day in various works, my father used to leave all these in the evening regularly, only to teach me and to help me in completing my home works when I was in Hare School, Kolkata. He continuously guided me during my school days. He had vast knowledge in Bengali, English, Sanskrit, and Arithmetic. When I started studying Science in St. Xavier's College and later on, Civil Engineering in I.I.T (Kharagpur), then also I took my father's help particularly for the subjects of English and Humanities.
I do not have the power and ability to perfectly describe the merits of my father. I think I am realizing and understanding his merits and brilliance, better and better, with the passage of time, after his death. Even today, when I face any problem I feel the presence of my father in guiding me to take me out of the trouble.